What Will Tomorrow’s Smartphone Look Like?

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The New Year will bring new changes in technology and particularly in the smartphone industry. Smartphones are high-tech’s shining star, and they are ready to take us in new and countless directions. They’re designed to evolve and tomorrow’s smartphone has limitless possibilities. With the coming of a new year let’s see what tomorrow’s smartphones are destined to look like.

The past year of 2016 introduced us to incredible new technology in the smartphone industry. Evolutionary devices appeared such as the Samsung’s new design, LG changing their modularity, Google joining in the creation of new hardware, and Lenovo making a great comeback. Changes will continue, and technology will make those changes significant. This is what we can look forward to in 2017.

New Designs

Major manufacturers of smartphones are looking at new ways to improve the outside frame of phones and how they hold the screen, called the Bezel. New ideas are to remove this piece and create an edge-to-edge touchscreen. This will provide users with a larger screen without having to sacrifice portability. One idea of making this possible is to make a curved display. It is actually being created already on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 which gives one the impression it is bezel-less with it dual-curved display. The phones in 2017 are going to have bigger screens without becoming larger phones.

Curved Screens

Apple will be competing with Samsung next year by releasing their iPhone featuring a curved screen display. They are planning on three new-look versions; 4.7-inch model, 5.5 inches and also a third will be a 5.5-inch screen that will be bend on two sides. They are hoping to reignite interest in the iPhone, so the plans are to feature this curved screen along with an all-new glass and metal design.

New Ways to Unlock Smartphones

New this year will be how you unlock your smartphone. Instead of using your finger to swipe the screen, you may be using iris recognition to unlock it. There will be a circle on the screen where you will position your eyes to look, and your device will recognize your specific eyes to unlock. Fingerprint recognition has been around and become mainstream with Apple. This recognition method will continue and even filter down to lower-end devices.

The higher-end companies are going to be distinguishing their devices with an iris scanner which is said to be more secure than the fingerprint scan. Samsung is reported to be using this technology as well as LG has been said to be implementing this idea into their flagship.

Virtual Reality will be More Prevalent

In 2016 Google brought us Daydream View and Samsung the Gear VR. In 2017, we will see much more advancement on the Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Game developers are seeing the potential for this technology in both the entertainment and education industries. Currently, smartphones that are able to support VR use 2K displays. There will not be a lot of change is this display level, but there is word the Galaxy S8 will be jumping to a 4K display. Ideally, companies will use the 4K screens in their flagship devices while setting the default resolution at 2K.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Pokemon Go has opened smartphone manufacturers to a whole new world. The potential for new technology in 2017 to use smartphones to engage with AR will open up new entertainment for users. More retailers are going to embrace this technology in sectors such as healthcare, packaging, architecture, consumer products right along with the entertainment and media industries.

USB Port

In 2017 more smartphone manufacturers will say good-bye to the headphone jack and replace it with the versatile USB port. This is the result of wanting more space for better battery power, more sensors, and more screen space. The headphone jack is an obstacle allowing for these improvements that may be the first thing to go to make space.

Foldable Phones

Samsung is planning on introducing two new phones with foldable screens. These phones will be able to be bent as the screens will be completely flexible. These are being planned as a 5-inch smartphone with the capability to fold out to the size of table-size gadget. Samsung has the reputation of pushing boundaries with smartphone technology, and this product is certain to amaze us when it is released sometime during 2017.

This New Year, 2017 is going to be an exciting year and will show us more futuristic looking phones. They are certain to be faster and feature new designs to amaze and impress us. The new year is promising to be a big one in smartphone technology, and manufacturers are getting ready to shake things up.