Will Snapchat Spectacles Succeed Where Google Glass Failed?

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Google Glass hasn’t become the great phenomenon that a lot of people expected it to be, which is perhaps another reason why a lot of people are becoming more interested in Snapchat Spectacles. Some people have already deemed Google Glass a failure. Lots of people are not willing to give up on Google Glass just yet, of course. However, there are lots of different brands that will succeed where others are going to fail when it comes to new and emerging technology like the sort that Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles represent. It’s a good idea to look at how Snapchat Spectacles might represent a new step forward.


Some people criticize Snapchat Spectacles because they have fewer functions than Google Glass. There is no doubt about that. People are mainly going to use Snapchat Spectacles in order to record what is going on around them. Google Glass had nearly all of the features of a smart watch. Some people, of course, would consider this a positive development, since it makes Snapchat Spectacles more approachable. Still, other people might not think that this is worth it since they miss all of the features associated with Google Glass.

It is indeed rare when a tech device tries to sell itself based on the fact that it has fewer features, but the world is in a strange transitional period when it comes to technology like this. As such, it makes sense that something that is less threatening, like Snapchat Spectacles, will enjoy a strange sort of popularity.


Many people disliked Google Glass due to the way that the product looked. They felt that the Google Glass products were too conspicuous, and it made a lot of people feel self-conscious in a very real way. A lot of other people didn’t like the fact that Google Glass appeared to be a throwback to earlier and less flattering styles of glasses in some cases. At the same time, they managed to look very strange and distinctive, to the point where it was tough for people to conceal exactly what they were and why they were being worn.

Snapchat Spectacles are not as stylish as the glasses that have characterized twenty-first-century glasses fashion, which has helped to transform the public perception of glasses. Snapchat Spectacles appear to be a throwback to the glasses of the 1990’s, which is one of the last decades where people with glasses were made to feel self-conscious. However, Snapchat Spectacles still look a lot better than Google Glass ever did, and many people are automatically going to prefer Snapchat Spectacles just for that reason.

Snapchat Spectacles Make People Less Uncomfortable

Many people don’t like to be recorded if they don’t want to be, even if they are in a public place. Google Glass would look the same whether people were recording or not, and this created a situation in which people were often worried about even interacting with someone who wore the very distinctive Google Glass. People more or less had to assume that they were being recorded, even if this was not the case. Snapchat Spectacles light up when they are in the process of recording someone. As such, the person who is being recorded has some idea of what is going on and this is going to give that person a modicum of control over the situation.


It is important to remember that both Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles are going to be the sorts of products that will exist as part of a continuum of technological progress. It is unlikely that either of these products will be in use in another ten years, except as nostalgia. However, Snapchat Spectacles were specifically designed to address a lot of the problems that people had with Google Glass, and by all accounts, they have succeeded. These are the rare products that have fewer features that their competitors and yet still manage to succeed. This might bother some people, but other people are going to prioritize the fact that it is so much easier to use Snapchat Spectacles out in public. At least for now, these are smart glasses that are also cool.