Could Your Next Car Be Powered By Salt Water?

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You may have had about the different claims about the various inventions that have come into the world to provide alternatives to fuel, one of the first alternatives that are talked about is the salt water. Salt water is actually a breakthrough that has gained much attention from electric car manufacturers and the oil industry, but importantly a company in Europe has been approved for its car powered by salt. The name of the first car powered by salt in Europe is Quant e-Sportlimousine, and it was introduced in the year 2014 and significantly it has been approved for use on the public roads in Europe. The e-Sportlimousine car manufactured by a German company by the name Quant and typically works by using a power system gotten from Nanoflowcell and usually runs on the electrolyte flow cell. The Nanoflowcell usually a power system that generates about 920 horsepower and can propel a car to top speed of around 217.5 mph.

Moreover, when e-Sportlimousine car was making its debut into the automotive industry, many people raised questions about the efficiency of the vehicle, and it had to be taken for in-depth inspection before it was allowed on the German roads. The Car received and approval from a certification company by the name TUV Sud which is based in the town of Munich in Germany. Additionally, the whole Nanoflowcell technology works like the hydrogen fuel cell, but a slight difference can be seen in that the salt water is only used to store power. The actual thing that happens with this electrolyte flow cell power system is that two liquids that normally act as electrolytes are mixed, and then an electrochemical reaction is allowed to take place. As if not enough the electric motors which are usually fitted on the car use this reaction to generate electricity. The electricity is thereafter stored by the capacitors and released when the need arises in the car.

Hand in hand with that, when talking about a salt water powered car we actually mean a machine that has an efficiency of about 80%. This is a car that almost has no moving parts and importantly its waste products in terms of heat are almost insignificant in comparison to the other types of cars. The e-Sportlimousine car can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds and can reach a speed of 350 km/hr. It’s an economical car that has a maximum horsepower of 920 and can travel up to 600 km with a full tank. This is actually conservative as compared to a car that uses a battery system. Another important thing about the e-Sportlimousine car is that it’s environmentally friendly and safe to drive. This is a car that you should consider purchasing because it has features that are far much better than the regular used cars.

In as much as the e-Sportlimousine car has good features, it’s usually a very expensive vehicle with its market price being estimated to be more than $1.7 million. The main reason for this is that the technology used itself is very efficient since it’s able to produce significant amounts of power with zero emissions of wastes. Another reason for this is that this Nanoflowcell technology has very great potential and can actually be applied in other industries apart from the motor industry. With the continuous trend of this technology, the preceding technologies used by many people will be left out, and the Nanoflowcell technology will take over the world practically in the coming near future.

The Nanoflowcell technology is something that should be applied in all fields including aviation, rain, and domestic energy because of its greater potential. The environmentally friendly, low-cost and sustainability should be one thing that we should consider in ensuring the technology is embraced in our generation.

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