Could Microsoft Once Again Overshadow Apple in 2017?

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Microsoft got a lot of things right in 2016 regarding their decision making. It turned out to be one of their more remarkable years when they went with a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy in the business world. In just the past year they have shown consumers they are becoming more innovative than Apple.

Microsoft held and event in October of 2016 where they showed a whole new line of software that will be included in the Windows 10. This 3D software in a new Surface PC will seriously compete with Apple’s iMac. Microsoft surprised a lot of people with their launch of Surface Studio that will significantly threaten the all-in-one iMac, even though there are rumors Apple may attempt to regain their ground.

What is Surface Studio?

The Surface Studio is a new device to expand the creative process. The 28-inch PixelSense display gives you a lot of room to create all kinds of work. The display is adjustable allowing you to position it upright and edit photos, paint, sketch, or lay it down to use it as a drawing board. The screen on this unit is incredibly thin and features razor-sharp PixelSense that will draw you right into what you are creating. The 10-bit color depth will have visualizing your ideas as they come to life in front of you. The creative design of the Surface Studio allows you to use it as desktop or studio mode. This computer will handle your most hectic workday and enable you to collaborate and share your work with teammates. Video calls will make you feel as though you are meeting face-to-face with the 1080p camera and Dolby Audio speakers. With a great new PC comes a unique device for the Surface line of PCs that they have named, Surface Dial.

What is the Surface Dial?

The Surface Dial is used in addition to your digital pen, touchscreen, or mouse. It will allow you to manipulate images on your screen to scroll through long documents, adjust your screen brightness, control the volume, and even bring up more color palettes. This device is an entirely new concept allowing computer users to interact with technology. When you hold and press the Surface Dial, you will have access to a display of menu tools to make it easier and faster to complete tasks. It will simplify tasks you perform every day and make then fun and easy. With this Dial, you can fly through a city while in Windows Maps, scroll quickly through news articles, adjust your computer’s volume, and a whole league more. Microsoft has this device, and it’s augmented reality device that are both surpassing Apple’s new products.

What is Microsoft’s HoloLens? (VR)

Microsoft continues to impress people with a new wave of innovation, including their augmented reality device. The Microsoft HoloLens is the first holographic computer that will allow you to interact with your digital content. The world around you is filled with holograms that you can engage with. Windows 10 is going to make this experience possible through a variety of headsets. They will be available from the fully-self-contained holographic computer to the HoloLens which are an affordable accessory.

Microsoft and LinkedIn

Microsoft is not only gaining ground on the innovative technology side of the business; they have also branched out into the social networking market. With the purchase of LinkedIn, Microsoft now has a shot to beat Apple and be the first digital company to hit $1 Trillion. This acquisition is predicted to put Microsoft over its rivals as the Securities & Exchange Commission will now allow online crowdsourcing of startups. This will allow Microsoft to advertise directly to potential individuals investors. The 467 million people in the LinkedIn database will certainly be an advantage for Microsoft. They will now be able to play a vital role in the social investing industry.

Big Difference Between Microsoft and Apple

Apple’s design has always been state-of-the-art and has set itself apart in industry standards since the early 90s. During those early days, marketing played a huge part in what made the company stand out among competitors. Microsoft, however; always fell a few steps back on the marketing field. They have not celebrated the design of their new products in the same way as Apple has. That has recently changed with the recent event held where Microsoft came out looking better than ever. Their software and newly designed products stole the show. They have clearly matched Apple’s current marketing strategy for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch. They played right into the heart of every geek when they focused on smooth animations of the inner construction of their device. This was combined with smooths shots of the variety of different features all shown while Pure Imagination played in the background. The marketing images and the computer design have people taking a serious look at Microsoft.

The year has just begun, so it is too early to say for a fact if Microsoft beats Apple in sales during 2017. Predictions are mixed as both have a genuinely great product to offer. Early opinions are claiming Microsoft’s new marketing, new products, and newly acquired LinkedIn will certainly put Apple on the run as the new year begins. For consumers, it will be an interesting and fascinating year as these two giants compete to bring us bigger and better technology.