What Are the Hottest Tech Trends We Can Expect in 2017?

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As each year comes to an end, we start looking forward to the new year and what it will hold for us. Technology changes quickly and it is always exciting to know how the next year’s improvements will impact our everyday life. There are some interesting new trends in store for us, and these are the hottest tech trends we can expect to experience in 2017.

What are the Hottest Tech Trends We Can Expect in 2017

The only constant thing in the technology world is that it will change. There are some pretty spectacular technology trends that are ready to greet us with the New Year. Here is a look at what you can expect.

1. Virtual Reality

There is a bright future for Virtual Reality (VR) with the market projected to grow to $30 billion by 2020. Over the last year, VR has really begun to take off and is expected to reach the masses during 2017. One of the main concerns in the VR market was the scarcity of content and choices of experiences. Google, Valve, and Oculus have removed some of those hurdles by opening their own dedicated VR marketplaces. Now there are numerous manufacturers of headsets and content creators that are going to allow this market to explode over the next year.

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI has been interwoven into our lives at both home and in the workplace and 2016 showed us significant advancements in this technology. We were introduced to driverless technology, voice recognition, and deep learning. In 2017 we can watch for even greater improvements. It is expected in 2017 there will be an increased use of machines learning and knowledge-based model methods. Today we have more connected devices than there are people. We have apps that help drivers outsmart traffic and alert when maintenance issues need to be addressed. This market is going to get a lot more interactive in 2017 with increased quality and speed. It is prepared to make your life at home and work much easier when you have an AI assistant to organize all levels of your day such as organizing your inbox, create a document for you and keep you on time for meetings, and much more.

3. 3D Printing

What can be expected in 2017 for 3D printing was asked of an expert in the field, Gordon Styles who is the founder and president of Star Prototype. Styles is an expert in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing. He is also an engineer and entrepreneur who began his venture in 2007 and has an insight into the growth of 3D printing for the New Year. The greatest prediction for advancement in 3D printing will come with the launch of Hewlett Packard Jet Fusion 4200 that will be five to ten times faster in plastic-related 3D printing technology. There will be other advancements in metal 3D printing as well with companies such as GE and Airbus making new changes.

4. Digital Wallet

Every year there are improvements in the mobile device technology. Smartphones have become so much more than the basic cell phone that allowed calling and texting and has become more like a mini-computer that is carried by millions every day. The new technology that has improved these devices makes more and more people dependent on what they provide for us. The trend for 2017 in using the smartphone will see more of us doing away with credit cards and depending more on the digital wallet. NFC technology in 2017 expects consumer expectations for convenience to grow and it will convert millions or more users in the next year.

5. Bio-metrics

A new awareness of security breaches and knowing customer data must be protected is at the forefront of new technology. Innovative technology solutions and methods are essential to keep us and our world safe. Biometric authentication is one solution to this growing concern. New companies and use cases will be showing up this next year to provide secure and convenient authentication processes for users to have available to them. This technology will be expanding to the retail and consumer markets to address problems currently affecting passwords and PINs. New biometric authentication systems are being developed by companies such as Microsoft to protect their user’s credentials. Smartphone manufacturers will also be turning to biometrics for consumers to access their devices.

6. Quantum Computing

The first digital computer completed in 1946 opened the world to vast new possibilities. It was only used for limited applications and could only be programmed in machine code making it practical for massive calculations only. That changed in 1957 when it was discovered real world problems could quickly and efficiently transform computer language into something useful and convenient. Technology trends for 2017 see quantum computing making it possible for computer technology to become millions of times more powerful than current systems in use today. One example of the growth coming is quantum computing is closing the gap of artificial intelligence reflecting the human thought process more thoroughly. It will also allow for it to develop something very close to our human intuition so it can know something is wrong even if it cannot pinpoint the problem exactly. The quantum computer is not expected to become a household item, but access to one will be possible through the cloud to solve problems we think are impossible.

The year ahead sees a lot of advancements and improvements in technology trends. This area is a highly competitive field for ideas to become reality quickly and introduced to consumers. We can look forward to many new and exciting ideas to become available to make our lives easier, more fun, and safer with these hottest tech trends in 2017.