Google Pixel Versus iPhone 7: Which One To Buy?

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Many people are trying to decide between the Google Pixel and the iPhone 7 today. Few people are going to buy both, and most tech fans want to be able to keep up with emerging trends in the tech world. They want to make their devices as current as possible, and today, this means using the iPhone 7 or the Google Pixel. However, deciding between these two devices on the basis of objective quality is genuinely difficult to accomplish, which is one reason why a lot of tech fans are struggling.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel holds the distinction of being one of the first devices created by Google directly and without a solid partnership with another manufacturer. People who have had success with a lot of Google devices previously might be interested in the Google Pixel on that basis alone. However, this is still an excellent device.

Many people are going to automatically rate the Google Pixel more highly because of the nature of its display. The five-inch screen of the Google Pixel is bigger than the screen of the iPhone 7. While the iPhone 7 has a 4.7-inch display, people are still going to notice the difference in terms of the way both phones feel in their hands.

The resolution of the Google Pixel is wonderfully sharp at 441 pixels per inch, while the iPhone 7 features a resolution of 326 pixels per inch. This may seem like a relatively small difference, but people are going to notice the comparatively better screen detail right away when it comes to the Google Pixel. Some people might notice more than others, of course, and casual observers might not care. Still, for the people who prioritize the visual uses of their phones, this difference might be substantial.

The biggest and most definite advantage that the Google Pixel has is its battery life. People who prioritize battery life are probably going to really want to consider the other benefits of the Google Pixel. The Google Pixel’s 2770 mAh battery is very impressive and better than almost anything else that people are going to get on the market today, which is a certain benefit.

iPhone 7

Many of the people who rate the iPhone 7 will usually praise its design. Some people are actually going to like the slightly smaller screen of the iPhone 7. Larger screens are not objectively better, and for a while, smaller was considered better in the tech world in almost every way. The iOS is solid, which people have come to expect with all Apple products. However, the operating system for the Google Pixel is also very high-quality, and it’s hard to really come up with strong objective reasons for why one is better than the other. However, the iPhone 7 truly did manage to win out when it came to speed.

Lots of users are going to care more about the camera of a device than almost anything else, and the iPhone 7 probably has the better camera. Really, the two devices have cameras that are close to the same in terms of quality. However, the iPhone 7 produces clearer and brighter pictures, especially under low-light conditions. They are both close to 12 MP when it comes to the camera power, so it is otherwise difficult for people to come up with truly objective reasons why one of these cameras is better than the other in that way. The results for the iPhone 7 do seem to be better, however.


Some people are fans of Apple products, and other people are fans of Android products. In all likelihood, those people will have made up their minds about the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel before they even get going with the comparison between the two devices. However, these devices do differ in terms of their baseline qualities. People are going to prioritize different characteristics in their devices, and they should decide in advance which qualities are more important to them. If battery life and the screen size and resolution are of particular importance, it is a good idea to choose the Google Pixel. If the camera quality and speed of the device are more important, the iPhone 7 is better.