Future Bicycle Concepts: 16 of the Top Designs Today

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Bikes have been with us for several hundreds of years now, and the way they work hasn’t changed much. You can expect even a future bicycle to have two wheels, a frame, pedals and a seat. Although fixing something isn’t the answer when it isn’t broken in the first place, progress is still a good thing especially in the world of bicycles.

A bicycle is an excellent means of transportation especially for people who live in an urban setting with heavy traffic. Biking is also a wonderful way for you to relax and see the world out there. Many sights and sounds can be experienced even with just your mountain bicycle at hand. Aside from that, bikes are also a natural way to avoid polluting the environment compared to most gas-operated vehicles.

These are some of the main reasons why there are people today designing new types of bikes that will fit the 21st century needs of the people. You can find these concept designs being showcased in bicycle shows all around the world.

There are many options when it comes to bicycles nowadays in the market, but there are already plans and ideas of a future bicycle that may change your mind. Take a look at these 15 new bicycle concepts that uses modern technology to give people new ways to enjoy biking.

1. 24/7 City Pedelec – The Future of Bike Rental Designs

future bicycle

Image Source: yankodesign.com

This is a future bicycle design approach which uses customized shapes and materials intended as a public rental bike. The creators of this bicycle wanted a bike that can be used for heavy duty and different users. They made the 24/7 City Pedelec a bike that can withstand rapid wear and damage.

The maintenance of the bike is kept low thanks to its components having a rugged design. Its vital parts are all located inside the compact frame of the bicycle for protection. You won’t see any of this bike’s gears and cables out in the open. With its frame, users can later upgrade the bike with better technology components.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

This bike’s inside has all new tech and stuff. It has groovy chains and shifting gears with breaks replaced with wacky components. Aside from that, the design is very modular. Its frame structure lets people upgrade their basic model. You can buy new parts for this bike that will let you experience improved performance and stability.

Designer: Philipp Günther – www.philippguenther.de

2. ThisWay – For Motorcycle Enthusiasts


Image Source: dezeen.com

Looking just like a slightly covered motorcycle, the ThisWay Recumbent Bicycle by Torkel Dohmers is an interesting design to say the least. This futuristic bicycle has a better seating position compared to other recumbents. The design came in first in the Commuter Bike for the Masses design competition and for good reason.

The style of this bicycle was heavily influenced by motorcycle and car designs by the creator. Dohmers wanted to make it easier for people who are used to motorcycles make the transition, and this is what we have now. If you are a motorcycle lover, you will surely want to check this out yourself.

Image Source: dezeen.com

The slight cover at the top provides weather protection, although not a lot. The frame of the ThisWay sits at 12kg and is supposedly very lightweight. It uses composite materials as well as hydro-formed aluminum and has its own front and back end LED lights. Users can also include luggage when they use this bike. It has a compartment at the back for this purpose.

3. T-Bike by Jung Geun – Easy to Spot, Easy to Use

Image Source: pinterest.com

It is easy to spot the T-Bike model when you see it. The design of this future bicycle prevents theft and vandalism from happening. The designer Jung Geun made this minimalist compact bicycle to reflect the landscape of urban Seoul. Its handlebars make it easy to stow after biking with additional security when collapsed.

People that love using GPS technology to keep track of themselves will like this bike even more. It also uses EPD and E-INK technology which allows users to display the distance, service time left and the time user by its operator. A lever makes it easy for the seat to be adjusted on-the-go.

Image Source: Coroflot.com

The T-Bike is secure and efficient for its users. The folding handlebars of the bike lets people store this easily wherever they want. Its additional security mechanism also lets it remain locked in a collapsed position. You can bring this bike on public transportation and even have it parked in tight spaces.

4. Green Shadow Bike – A Speedy Future Bicycle

Image Source: kontaktmag.com

Unlike most of the biking transportation mentioned in this article, the Green Shadow bike is meant to be fast. The model was designed by a Spanish graphic design firm that features on-board computers for mileage tracking. You can also keep track of your calories and heart rate when using this future bicycle, making it a sleek workout bike.

You also won’t experience the bike chain getting entangled with your pant legs because it is encased in its body panels. It features disc brakes on the front and rear wheels while having shock-absorbents at the front. Aerodynamics, strength and speed are the main features of this bicycle.

Image Source: kontaktmag.com

The bike was developed by Mr. Onuff and was intended for a video game he was interested in. It is an interesting model in its form and its functionality. It is presumably able to keep track of mileage, calories and heat rate via the handle-bar LCD that is mounted there.

5. The Back-Pack Bicycle – A Bike in a Bag

Image Source: bonjourlife.com

The idea of having a small and foldable bike that can fit inside a backpack is nothing new nowadays. However, designers are hoping to take this step further by replacing metallic parts with plastics to make their models weight even less. A good backpack bike means that it could be easily picked up and stowed in a backpack by its users after biking.

Using a future bicycle like this is very promising today especially with the gas prices going so high right now. With the right technology of applying sturdy yet lightweight materials, people may eventually find the right design available in the market for them soon.

Image Source: bonjourlife.com

Moreover, the bike comes with a water sack that is intended to quench the thirst for its user during their adventure. This entire bike has a weight of only 9.5 kilograms and is very adjustable. Its chest strap can be attached to the shoulder and hip which is quite comfy. You will enjoy your riding and hiking activities even more with this beauty.

6. Taurus Seat-Less Bike – For Those Extra-Toned Legs

Image Source: yankodesign.com

This future bicycle list doesn’t only talk about designs that are meant for fun. Enter the Taurus Seat-less Bike created by Julia Meyer. The idea behind this design is to make biking more challenging for the rider by having no seat at all. This was intended so that your legs would be able to maintain a correct posture all the time while giving you a better workout.

The rear wheel portion of this bike has six condensers that stores the energy produced when pedaling. Operators can use this energy when needed. You will find that it has a display which describes the stored and created energy by its users.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

The Taurus seat-less bike may not be that much enjoyable to use if you just want to bike for fun. It is a great tool however if you’d want to exercise those back muscles and tone your legs efficiently. If you plan to buy this mode, just remember this bike won’t come with a seat!

7. Carrier Bike – Carry Stuff While Biking

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you haven’t been using a bicycle yet because you have no place to store things you carry with you, then you’d be surprised by what this model offers. Shin Hyung Sub Shin created a carrier bike with a special compartment in the middle which allows people to store things there. Things as big as a handbag or a briefcase can be stored in this.

It can even be used to keep a change of clothing for work or for school. A pair of shoes can even be stored together if you must. You can even fold the bike to resemble a shopping cart and use it when you buy groceries in your local mart.

Image Source: thbbusiness.blogspot.com

The product was made with the aim to help people realize a universal design for a bicycle. It is a great choice for either men or women whether old or young. It is an amazing choice if you are commuting through public transportation, especially since it can be pack and unpacked quite easily.

8. Tribune Tricycle – Comfortable Backrest and Pedaling

Image Source: designboom.com

This design for biking looks just like a bicycle straight from the future. You can be seated comfortable on its open compartment with a backrest that will let you pedal away. Its main features include an electric operated design that is powered by a generator with its own compartment to store items above the rear wheel.

It has its own pedals as mentioned above that will allow people to use it to bike to wherever they want in case they’d want to do it manually. The adjustable and flexible backrest is very comfortable to use with this ergonomic bike technology model.

Image Source: designboom.com

Just above its back wheel, there is a little lockable storage located there that you can use to store items when it is raining. You can easily adjust the pedals and headrest of this bike which can be changed based on the height of the user. One can expect this bike to give functionality and ergonomics.

9. Variable Frame Bike – Urban and Country Biking Modes

Image Source: yankodesign.com

A cool-looking bike design of the future is the Variable Frame Bike designed several years ago. The model allows its operators to adjust the bike into different modes for sustained and seamless biking. For example, in the city, you will be able to bike at the standard upright mode. Once you’ve gotten clear of the urban zones, you can easily recline the bike to pedal with ease in the country side.

Each of the frame used in this future bicycle is adjusted to the weight of the user. You can ride on either mode with no limit. A lock can be pushed at any time if they wish to switch from one position to the other. It is possible to change modes while biking.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

The model was a concept mockup for a commuter bike that was done as a part of a diploma thesis for Anhalt University back in 2008. The springs of this bike help bring the user in an upright position and can be adjusted based on the weight of the rider for balance.

10. ECO 07 Compact Urban Bicycle – A City Biker’s Dream

Image Source: yankodesign.com

Yes, this is another one of those folding bike designs that can help urban cyclists cram theirs inside their own cars, even in tiny compartments! There are six modules in the wheel itself, with each of them having a double pivot in the joints. This feature allows users to fold the wheel and make it smaller for storage.

Meanwhile, the structure of this future bicycle is made up of modules that are expandable. Each of them can be collapsed into smaller dimensions to make them fit in almost any storage space. There are many steps to collapse the entire bike and it could take time, but storing it almost anywhere is very easy.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

This bike is a great choice for people that live in the city and don’t have spacious homes. This design consists of 2 systems which is the bike structure and the wheel folding system. You can pack and unpack the ECO 07 compact urban bicycle easily as well.

11. X Bike – A Bike with No Chain Needed

Image Source: pinterest.com

Another version of the folding bike that we will feature in this article is the X-Bike. One of the major differences that this bike has over other designs is that it doesn’t need a chain for its back wheel. Its drive mechanism can be found on the inside hub of its back wheel. This makes it easy to store without complications.

The seat of this future bicycle was designed with the lower part of the back in mind. Although this bike is not intended for biking in rugged terrain outdoors, you can easily use it inside buildings or within your neighborhood.

You can take your workout wherever you want with this X Bike design. It is a portable and space saving model that you can use to help tone your leg muscles and give you the fitness you need. You can be in tune more with your cardio workout with the RPM Meter that this bike has with it.

12. IziBi Folding Bike – Fold-able Mountain Bike

Image Source: yankodesign.com

If you are looking for a compact yet stylish mountain bike of the future, then the IziBi Folding Bike is the choice for you. It is a very portable mountain bicycle for extremists that love the outdoors. It uses a single front and rear suspension with a frame made of reinforced carbon fiber polymer. Meanwhile, the direct drive mechanism of this future bicycle is made of aluminum alloy.

This bike is quite durable and very easy to maintain. You don’t have to spend much when it comes to maintenance when you operate with this future bicycle. Pressing a button will allow you to fold the bike and make it half its size for storage after use.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

Does this model have a reasonably nice look to it? Do you think this mountain bike would be a great addition to your collection? You might want to try it out once it comes out. Just remember, this is the first place you’ve heard about this!

13. Grasshopper Bicycle – Bring and Store Anywhere

Image Source: livbit.com

This bicycle idea would be the best portable and user-friendly bike of the future out of all the various bike designs with interesting shapes out there. It is a zero-pollution design made up of composite materials to be rigid and strong. It is possible for users to take this bike almost anywhere and fold it easily for storage.

This electric bicycle is great for transportation, but can also be used as a stationary exercise bike if needed. It is possible to generate and store energy when you use this as well. The bad news is that this model is still a concept and its technology will need time to be developed further.

Image Source: livbit.com

The battery of this bike can charge via regenerative breaking and by just cycling stationary. People can even convert it into a stationary bike for exercising those legs! The designer of this bike is David Goncalves and was the winner of a Merit Prize for it back in 2008.

14. Oryx Time Trial Bike – The Racing Bike

Image Source: coroflot.com

The Oryx is a creative time-trial bike that uses a one-sided fork and chain design. It has a Y-frame shape that is comfortable to use and is shock-proof. Its handlebars and frame are connected through a frame-pivot which allows the cables to be guided through the frame as it turns. The entire bike is made using carbon composite material and baked into the frame during the process for a sleek and cool look.

In the time trial races, every second is important. That is why the Oryx has its own identical pair of wheels as backup which can be removed by pushing a button and attached easily.

Image Source: coroflot.com

The Oryx Bike is not only a unique looking future bicycle, it is also quite futuristic if you think about it. Imagine owning one of these bad boys and showing to your friends. I bet they’d go green in envy by just the thought of you bringing this bike to one of your meets.

15. One Folding Bicycle – Fold to Your Heart’s Desire

Image Source: yankodesign.com

Created by industrial designer Thomas Owen, the One Folding Bicycle was created with eco-design in mind. It makes for a great bike in an urban environment because it offers the benefits of biking and exercise even in a city setting. It also uses a revolutionary power assist technology that allows its operator to cruise around easily.

When storing this bike, the One turns into a light and compact case that can be carried by hand. You can stow this in almost any compartment without its vital parts protruding when doing so. It is also quite stylish for use, so you won’t have to worry about looks when you’re trying to impress.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

This future bicycle is really one of those designs that you can expect for the 21st century. Aside from that, it is quite an environment-friendly design and is great for people that are looking to save on cost for a new bike. You won’t expect this bike to get dirty any time soon so be sure to bring it out and test it once it becomes available.

16. BauBike – A Bike for Artists

Image Source: designboom.com

Last but not the least is the BauBike. Inspired by the Bauhaus design, it is made around the geometric shape of the equilateral triangle and square of its parent model. Despite its stale look, it does have some clever features that might just change your mind. It offers operators the ability to add accessories such as a second seat but has no extra pedals included. Only the front rider can pedal.

This results in a limited form of what a person would expect from a bike nowadays. The BauBike project is intended to mix design and art together to make a bicycle that steps away from traditional functions. This future bicycle introduces a much-needed playfulness in the biking scene especially with most designs nowadays focused on durability, storage design and comfort.

Image Source: designboom.com

The BauBike is more for people that would want to be artsy while remaining unique among the rest. We must admit, it is a crazy design and can be quite attractive to look at. However, you will want to check this bike out for its looks and not for its functionality.