Why 2017 is the Year to Engage with Video Marketing

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Video marketing surged in 2016. This format of content marketing went from 360-degree videos to FaceBook Live where marketers responded to a shorter attention span of the consumer. This strategy has paid off immensely with their method of making content more interactive and visual. Video marketing is a tremendous opportunity for you to grab onto and begin engaging with your customers. Many marketers are starting to reach their goals through the use of video marketing. Professional services ae urged to start focusing their attention on this innovative marketing strategy as it is perfect for reaching clients. Online video will account for 74 percent of the traffic on the web in 2017.

Facts on Video Marketing Success

It should already be evident that 2017 will see a massive rise in the popularity of video content. Some of the more popular content out already is YouTube, with more than a billion users comprising approximately one-third of the population on the internet. Smartphones are another great example of users spending more than 40 minutes each day watching videos on their devices. It is predicted that by 2019 content delivery traffic is going to be responsible for over half of all internet video traffic. These are good reasons both small and large businesses need to take advantage of this incredible medium. Five major trends that you should focus on this year are:

Homepages and Sales Pages

Videos engage more of our senses, unlike a still image. This is a fact proving why video marketing is so effective. Visitors to a website will remain on a page longer if it is displaying videos targeted specifically to their interests. When a video is used on a homepage as a way of introducing your brand or service, you will create a relationship with your audience. Make the video personal by explaining what your product or service can do for them. Display in your video what the personality of your business is and allow your audience to get a feel for what you represent.

Email Marketing using Video

Open and click rates often see a drop in numbers for many marketers. There is a way to change the email marketing game. Videos are an effective message communicator and make a lot of sense when you think about using them in your marketing strategy. These have proven to increase email open rates and have shown to improve click-through-rates, as well as the number of times your audience will share your video. To improve your chances at succeeding with video marketing, you need to keep the video at three to four minutes in length. The videos should also be visible to a large audience such as hosting it on YouTube so you can increase shareability and visibility.

Brand Awareness Through Video

More and more consumers are watching videos versus reading blogs. If you want your brand to connect with your audience, you need to produce content through videos that create awareness about your brand and engages your clients. Videos can showcase what you offer whether it is an actual product or a service. This line of marketing allows you to feature your employees and give your clients a sense of getting to know your business. When you develop a more personal relationship with your audience, you will gain a following that will increase their willingness to return to your site. This is the year to take your existing content and turn it into video so you too can become more successful in this new upcoming trend.

Social Media and Animated GIFS

There is a predominant use showing up in the creation of animated GIFS and short videos. These allow you to tell your story in a short timeframe. The animated GIFS can convey emotions, moving stories, humor, and latest trends. Videos have been around a long time, and some brands have accepted them as part of their culture regularly to connect with their customers. The possibilities and potential your business will gain animated GIFS will only be limited by your imagination. These are going to allow you to send shorter messages with more content and get them out in a shorter amount of time. Using GIFS will allow you to display emotions much better than photos or text can alone. This form of marketing is going to show you are paying attention to internet trends and that your business has a fun side.

Live Video

FaceBook is an excellent example of how popular and efficient live video has become. The live video allows you to get creative and show an early peek at your products. These videos are great to use for demonstrations or question & answer sessions. They can show your audience how you operate or process as a business. Periscope and YouTube are both great platforms to use in delivering your live video message. Periscope is still young and smaller but will allow you to grow your following a lot faster. FaceBook is another platform you can use to target your audience. This area will allow your clients a behind-the-scenes look at you and what your business is. It has been shown there is three times the number of people watching FaceBook Live videos versus standard videos, so this is the area worth exploring to implement your marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter what year it is, gaining visibility of your business is a top priority. Video marketing is the tool you need to gain this attention. Wyzowl statistics shows over 60% of companies have incorporated this marketing tool with over 65% of them being new to the strategy within the past year. This is a trend that is on the rise and will continue to grow.