Scientists Claim That If You’re Alive In 30 Years, You’ll Live For 1000 Years

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In the past, research on life extension has been a legitimate pursuit for academics in molecular biology. Scientists and researchers are trying to find ways to stop death through medical interventions. Aside from these people, many billionaires are trying to find ways to live longer. These can include changing their lifestyle to consuming a vegan diet or taking human growth hormone pills. There’s probably something about gaining so much money that makes them hunger for life even more than the average Joe.

There had been new leads in the research of extending human life that shows the fountain of youth might be closer than what many would believe. If these ideas will be implemented, researchers claim they could estimate life to be extended up to a thousand years.

Until this day, people who are studying gerontology and anti-aging are providing reassurance that they are close to solving the problem of aging. Many years have passed and still, no one has been able to figure out life extension. No matter how much money one has, bribing oneself out of dying is just not possible. But that hasn’t stopped very rich individuals from trying to find ways.

Let us take a look at some of the people doing research on life extension as well as those who are funding it.

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