10 Jobs That Your Children Will Not Be Doing in 10 Years

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Automation that involves artificial intelligence software programs or robots will get rid of 6% of the jobs in the United States several years from now. Low wage employees aren’t the only ones that need to be worried. The knowledge-based and highly skilled workers in some sectors could be out of jobs in the next decade.

Analysts estimate about 39% of jobs in the legal sector alone could become automated in the next 10-15 years. There is also a separate research that concludes accountants will most likely lose their jobs as high as 95% to automated computer programs.

There are even parents that are starting to steer their children away from getting into these jobs once they knew about AI automation. A program leader in the UK advises to seek generalist courses instead. He claims that having a broader range of skills as well as competencies is the best way to future-proof employment.

Those in the legal and accounting sectors are the ones who are in most danger of losing their jobs. However, these sectors aren’t the only ones in danger. Those who are knowledge employees, retail and manual laborers will also experience a decline in their jobs soon.

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